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5 Simple Mindsets to Claim Your Freedom

Mar 5, 2020 | Mindset

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Who is this article for?

  1. People who want to adopt a growth mindset
  2. People who want to change their life for better
  3. Looking to live a minimal living
  4. Getting ready for entrepreneurship or any big event in life

What’s the key takeaway from the article?

Gives an alternative perspective on personal development and how positivity can bring more success into life

When we ask people, what they want to do in life? Some of the obvious answers are to become the best in their career, marry a loved one or make an impact in the world. Some will end up saying they have no idea what they want and just want to live happily. Innately, we love to be driven by some idea, purpose or simply looking forward towards a grand event. This keeps us engaged in our daily life, motivates us to grow and become the best version of ourself. On this pursuit of ours, the basics are to start with the right mindset that we can imply in all areas of life.

Our mind is the most powerful invention by Nature after a glowing ball of fire called Sun and other phenomena which govern life across the universe. Mind forms our reality, thus reality becomes a very subjective experience depending on which mind perceives it. So it’s essential for us to see things with the right mind. Such a right mind comes from right mindsets which ultimately determines the quality of our life.

As the saying goes by

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

Steve Maraboli

When mindset meets freedom

It took me long enough to understand that the mind has the ability to free itself from everyday chores and activities if we switch to the right mindset. Everyone has a unique lens to look into the world, for me its moral principles, followed by an emotional overview and then comes the remaining filters and for some, it starts with an emotional overview and so on.

These lenses keep us engaged, motivated and makes the interaction around the world fascinating. Along the way, I picked up a few lenses to wear when it comes to claiming freedom through mindset. Today I am delighted to share some of them with you. Some of them make your life interesting and some may not be well applicable and thus just play around with them and pursue what suits you.

1. Getting super curious about life

Life has the ability to put us in highs and lows, these fluctuations may sometimes take a toll on us. Something which helped me to overcome this vicious cycle of life is getting super curious about life, it’s like going to the person you love (or hate) and instead of asking them why they do what they do, we post an intriguing question of how interesting it is for them to do it. Pursuing life with curiosity can make every opportunity both good and bad an enthralling experience to cherish.

2. It’s absolutely necessary to be positive

Positivity is one such thing which is essential to shape our life, put us in our spotlight. Positivity is not just being completely optimistic, it’s about seeing the bright side of things in life. When we start looking at the bright side of things, the universe will bring in more bright things to look forward and that motivates us to seek more bright things. It’s a wonderful cycle and luckily it’s the law of the universe. Hence next time when you are looking towards a situation, try to explore what’s beautiful in it.

3. Apply different mindset for different games

It’s something I am currently working on, so far it’s quite amusing. When we are put in a new scenario or in a scenario that’s not our cup of tea, we tend to stick with our comfort zone. It’s okay to do so, but sometimes this doesn’t work out well. After pondering a while with it I realised there is a pure gem in wiggling a little bit in the way we handle things, neither two people nor two scenarios are same and every situation has its share of differences. What makes this particular mindset fascinating is that we can experiment and figure out what works for us in any given scenario and get some fresh perspective each time.

Next time even in a familiar scenario such as being late to a meeting, instead of apologising to everyone or making up an excuse, try to thank them for being patient and this may bring a different vibe altogether.

4. Keeping things simple

Complicating things may look intellectually sound and wise thing to do, we even get a sense of pride from it. Though it brings us a high, the idea of complexity makes our simple life pretty complicated in the long howl. I was lucky enough to shift my mindset to see things simply for what it is. Keep things simple – In life, work, relationships, and everything in between. In the long run, you will end up having more time and space for trying new things as life becomes pretty simple to go by.

5. Don’t do it twice or thrice

One of the best mindset I have ever incorporated in my life is to think about what can I do today so that I can avoid doing it tomorrow? This simple mindset can make a huge difference in our lives and saves us a lot of headaches overall.

Next time, when you find yourself doing things repeatedly, ask yourself what can I do today so that I don’t need to do it tomorrow? This could be just simply delegating things to others, opting for monthly subscriptions or choosing autopay for your rent on the 5th of every month. In this modern world, the most amazing thing to do is to leverage the maximum use of your environment both offline and online.

There are numerous mindsets we can apply in our daily life, the above are some that made my life pretty interesting. There is no right or wrong mindset in a given scenario, it’s all about what suits us. If you have some interesting mindsets which helped you in your life, feel free to share it below in the comments.

Life is pretty simple when we know the right formula to apply. That’s why at One Simple Life, we are looking to give the best insights to make your life fun, interesting and importantly happy. Join our newsletter and start receiving an interesting article every week.

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  1. Sudhindhar

    Very well said ! I could relate to a lot of my personal experiences while reading it. It’s simple yet powerful. It sure makes someones day. Looking forward to reading more threads from this author.


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