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6 simple life hacks to take meaningful action

Apr 15, 2020 | Action, Mindset

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Who is this article for?

  1. People who are beating around the bush with their goals

  2. Looking to live a life of action
  3. Getting pumped up for a new version this season

What’s the key takeaway from the article?

How simple incremental steps can bring a drastic lifestyle change

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world

Joel A Barker

The key to success is Focus

We all stumble one point of our life with a grand idea which can make us a millionaire, a star athlete or a scientist who end up saving the world. Most of the ideas that we conceive in our mind wash away as thoughts. But some of them stick and resonate within our soul, and in due course, this idea becomes our vision for life. The sad reality is people who don’t empower such vision, ends up living in daydreams.

To empower them we don’t need to build a suit powered by jetpack, all we have to do is start taking some tiny steps in the right direction!

Today we are going to look at 6 meaningful yet simple hacks to fuel up our vision

1. Progress over Outcome

As the old phrase goes by — Rome wasn’t built in a day ( neither in just a night 😉 )

Likewise, your grand vision needs a little bit of progress before you can see some visible outcome. You don’t need to go in the blinds either, take a piece of paper and start mapping out little milestones to achieve along the way. The smart way is to design milestones is such a way that you get some intermediate outcomes when you are working towards the bigger picture. This way you will have more things to cherish as you reach for the stars.

How it looks when you are reaching directly to your crazy vision

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How it looks and feels when you are defining smart outcomes (More enjoyable I suppose 😉 )

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2. Stick it where you see it

Put it on your door, wall, fridge, phone or even your bathroom mirror, whatever you do ensure that you get reminded about your goals every day. The more you see the more you want to get it done. Take a pen and paper, put a small checkbox to the left and the milestones on the right, everyday wake up to it, once you are done with a milestone tick it out. When you are done with all of your milestones, cheers you have made it! Well… what next? Celebrate your success!

3. Celebrate your success

Did you know there is a whole book on the topic “How cultivating a reward mechanism in the actions you perform actually makes you do more of it?” Sounds like some kind of mysterious cult, not exactly, your brain can urge you to do more of what you enjoy. To enjoy something is to celebrate it. Give yourself a pat when you take a step closer, take time to rejoice and refresh, this way you will end up loving your progress even more than your outcome and the outcome just becomes a byproduct of your actions.

If we perform an action that results in a pleasurable outcome, we are more likely to perform that again

4. Learn.. and Keep Learning

When we start taking an action, especially creative ones, the one thing that pops out in our mind is – “Will it be perfect enough to put it out there?”

Well, I’m not sure whether it’s perfect enough to put out there, but I know for sure if you don’t put it out there, it’s just half done. The second part of any action is to take it out to the world, whatever you make just put it out into the world, learn from the feedback your receive both good and bad and improve every day! End of the day, remember all of this is just a play in the grand scheme of the universe!

5. How to make it perfect then? Try out as if no one is watching

When things are in making, especially the one we care so much about, we tend to handle it with care like glass that’s in the verge of breaking. To get something to perfection is not a necessity but a choice, a choice that separates the novice from the master. We cannot make things 100% perfect, but we can bring it to some amount of perfection. To make anything perfect is to mould it as if you are intending to break it. Once you are done with your action, before putting out, validate once to twice in a way of the benefiter of the action, maybe you are writing a book, read as if you are reading it for the first time and maybe you are just launching your app, start doing crazy things that you never imagine in life with it, this is the best way to ensure your work is rock-solid 99.9% of the time

6. Flow! Like a River

Have you ever felt this, started working on something kickass and time went like “Flash running to save Iris” and suddenly an instant realisation kicked in that it’s 3 am in the morning? Well, my friend, this is called being in Flow. Flow is a magical state in your mind which keeps you intensely focused on a task, losing awareness of your surroundings. This powerful state can perform miracles in life, believe it or not, it even cured a person of paralysis.

Every vision is a longing from the soul, sometimes we feel uncomfortable in life when these inner visions are not addressed with empowering action. This discomfort is a way of life telling us to make some progress. Mostly when these sets in, we tend to seek distractions which will lead eventually lead to more discomfort in the long run. Next time when you feel the urge to do something in your life… Just start doing something around it!

There are numerous ways to take small incremental actions. There is no right or wrong way to do something, it’s all about what enables us to be over best version. If you have some interesting hacks which helped you in your life, feel free to share it below in the comments.

A life well-lived comes from meaningful action we take time to time. When this action is guided by a powerful vision that’s a jackpot! To live such a blissful life, we need to imply certain small changes in our lifestyle. We at One Simple Life are looking to give the best insights to make your life meaningful, interesting and more importantly happy. Join our newsletter and start receiving life-changing article every week.


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